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Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, I studied and loved screenwriting and English writing. Somewhere around 2007 I expanded on a script idea, which turned into a book. I spent the next eight years writing a two-fold young adult story; both fantasy and tragedy, but mostly friendship. I never had plans for it, other than for it to one day make it to the big screen. But I ended up on the self publishing road and completed that creative project in 2016. I wrote this book because I loved the story and the characters, and I re-read it once a year just to remember that time in my life again. I always had plans to turn this into a trilogy, but have yet to get there. 

Falling Like Ember is still available on Amazon, but also directly from me, especially if you'd like to buy in bulk. 

Speaking engagements to discuss the book, the writing process, and the self publishing process are available to both classrooms and book clubs.

My Story

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